Vatsal Desai

The Full Story

Namaste !

It's great pleasure to see you here.

I am Vatsal Desai. 

Have been in the field of Information Technology since 2000 -while I joined my college -Master of Science (Information Technology) at VNSGU (Veer Narmad South Gujarat University).

Later I got opportunity to work with great people at Reliance Industries Limited, Accenture,DELL-EMC(one of the client at Accenture),Vodafone UK(again one of the client at Accenture),British SKY(again one of the client at Accenture),  Sterlite Tech(prior Elitecore), Mvix, Learning Dollars, Ingage..

I have been using PC when 286/386 were considered luxury.Than came Intel Pentium -I ,Pentium-III and now i9 and so on..

It has been a great experience programming the machines and now we are growing faster in the age of AI(Artificial Intelligence) where machines and algorithms are helping us to work better with machines and humans.


This site and blog is my attempt to remain connected with the world and share whatever technically comes to my mind..

I can recollect an interesting quote at the end..

"By teaching others you will learn yourself."

George Gurdjieff